Find Peace of Mind and Get the Home Design You Can Love


When planning a new home or remodel, you want a building designer who understands how real homes work.

You want a home that functions well. You want a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Whether you’re building a new home or a remodel, we know the design and construction process can be challenging — psychologically, physically, and financially.

That’s why we’re here. Not just to lead you through the design process. We also guide you through the collaborative efforts of the team building your project: you, your builder, other contractors, and consultants.

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Design Services

  • Architectural design for custom homes and remodels

  • Design consultation

  • Full range of architectural styles

  • Collaboration with you and your builder

  • Consultation for remodel potential

  • Green building design

  • Site analysis

  • Site-specific environmental design

  • As-built plans

  • Construction documents

  • Construction site visits and consultation


Helping You Reach Your Goals

Good design is a process, a collaboration.

We want to make sure you reach your goals and maintain your peace of mind.

Done right, you get a home you love — a unique solution that matches your personality, meets your budget, and satisfies your needs. Done right, you’ll feel you’re working with a close friend.



About Select Home Design


Debra Blessman, CPBD, is the principal of Select Home Design.

She has been delighting home owners since 1980, designing tranquil, functional homes and clever remodels.


  • Cool House Tour 2015

  • MAX Award 2015 — Best Product Design $250,000 - $500,000

  • MAX Award 2014 — Best Green Custom Home

  • Cool House Tour 2011

  • Silver MAX Award 2011 — Best Green Custom Home

Debra Blessman, CPBD

Debra Blessman, CPBD

Although I’m a native of Colorado, I got to Texas as fast as I could when I graduated college in 1980, After a career start in Ft. Worth, I got to Austin in 1983. I’ve been here ever since, practicing the work I love.

Before starting my own business, I wore many hats while working for top architecture firms like Kipp Flores Architects and Cornerstone Architects. Among those hats was design and drafting of homes and renovations. I also worked in managerial roles, such as Project Director, that gave me many additional skills.

How many homes have I designed? Frankly, I’ve lost track of the number of homes and remodels I’ve completed over the years, but it’s hundreds.

I enjoy working with home owners and builders alike.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing I’ve succeeded in creating a sense of home that truly reflects the client. Nothing is more gratifying than to hear a happy home owner say, “I absolutely love this.”


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